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I'm Mandalei, Cacao ceremony creatrix, energy healer, certified mindfulness and spirituality coach, retreat leader, world traveler, animal lover and light seeker. 

In 2018 I gave up my very secure job as a lawyer just before reaching that 6 figure income status (read blog post here) so that I could share with the world what I know about what it takes to lead a happy life full of love and free of anxiety. 


My 12 years of becoming and working as a lawyer in the international corporate market means I truly understand how the stresses and demands of everyday life keep us unwell, unhappy, disconnected and in dis-ease...all of which I experienced personally and all reasons why I received the call to guide people along their life journeys in finding healing, love and purpose. 

American, originally from Las Vegas, I've called Dublin, Ireland home since 2011. I've lived many places including Spain and Germany and have traveled to countless more. Sí, hablo Español y/und Ich spreche Deutsch:)

I used to wonder why I couldn't have just got the white picket-fence life, now I am grateful I did not as arriving to your soul's purpose  is so much sweeter than ticking societal boxes. Each of our journeys are different, that is the beauty of life. If you are eager on your journey to find your soul's purpose, email me, I would love to chat about how my offerings can help you find true joy and happiness:)

To see more about what I'm doing day to day, connect with me on Instagram or  Facebook.

With love and full of spirit,


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