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I'm Mandalei, Cacao ceremony creatrix, womb energy healer, certified mindfulness and spirituality coach, retreat leader, world traveler, animal lover, light seeker, wife and mama. 

In 2018 I gave up my very secure job as a lawyer of 10 years just before reaching that 6 figure income status (read blog post here) so that I could share with the world what I know about what it takes to  manifest a life full of love and freedom. I was unwell, disconnected, in dis-ease and at 37 years old told I would be lucky to conceive naturally.

My journey took me through the mountains and jungles of Peru and the hills and valleys of the Himalayas, to sit in ceremony with shamans of the Americas and ancient Tibetan Buddhism. I was ravaged by Spirit and Mother Nature and learned through her wisdom and support to return to my body's own ancient intelligence ... this led me to heal my womb space and thus my life.


Less than 1 year later  this deep work resulted in me manifesting my husband, our baby and my dream home. Less than 1 year! 

On my journey I healed, I found self love and my soul's purpose and I manifested my dream life.  Now I'm committed to helping others do the same, keeping at centre the truth that each of our journeys are different.


If you're eager to heal, find love and your soul's purpose, email me, I would love to chat about how my offerings can help you awaken the love and freedom already within you:)

To see more about what I'm doing day to day, connect with me on Instagram.

With love and full of spirit,


P.s. American, originally from Las Vegas, I've called Dublin, Ireland home since 2011. I've lived many places including Spain and Germany and have traveled to countless more. Sí, hablo Español y/und Ich spreche Deutsch:)

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