1:1 Energy healing

in Dublin Wellness Centre

To access happiness and ease in life, we have to take care of our spiritual and energetic body as carefully as we care for our physical body and mind.  We eat right and go to the gym to keep our physical body healthy and listen to guided meditations and read inspiring posts on Instagram to keep our minds healthy but we neglect our spiritual selves.

"Body, mind and spirit". You've heard the three stated together but what are you doing to nurture your spirit?

We nurture and cleanse the spirit through energy work.


I offer spiritual guidance on where you are and using one or a combination of Reiki energy, Aura Reading, Tibetan sound bowls, gentle breath work and shamanic techniques, we'll work together to shift any stagnant energies from the body bringing it back into harmony so that you can...

... let go of whatever is under the surface holding you back, so that

 ...profound healing can take place, so that

...you can experience clarity and vitality in your life to start manifesting your heart's desires!


  • Clarity and calm in approaching life's challenges

  • Release of sadness from trauma, heartbreak or other loss

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Increased feelings of peace and well-being

  • Better sleep

  • Reduced pain and symptoms from physical injury or post-surgery

  • Much more positive outlook on life 

  • To be a magnet for your manifestations - once you start raising raising your vibration through energy work, the Universe will match it with what you want and need

  • HOMEWORK to keep the healing and transformation in motion (only if appropriate for where you are on your journey)

1 hour to 1.5 hour sessions, email for pricing and booking at:  Mandalei.Medicine@gmail.com

Sessions in Dublin Welness Centre on South William Street, Dublin 2 

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