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Munay Mi Cacao carries the energy of Self Love.  Munay meaning "love" in the Quechuan language - the same language spoken by the Incas - and Mi meaning "me" in Spanish.

So, how did this shop come about? 


I spent a meaningful time in Peru on a journey to fall in love with myself and to my surprise, though I already had a Cacao practise, I also fell deeply in love with Peruvian Cacao and Quechua traditions.  Thus, the name Munay Mi came though organically.


When I traveled to Peru I had no idea that I would be sharing her Cacao internationally through this shop but I did know I would be sharing her in ceremony during my travels and upon my return to Ireland so I made sure I had her blessing to do so...

I worked on a small family farm where the jungle meets the valley and learned all about how to grow and nurture her...most importantly, as I sat in ceremony with her on the land where she has grown since her introduction to South America, she spoke to me, she gave me permission to serve her and share her wisdom and intelligence with others.

Receiving Mama Cacao's direct blessing was an absolute prerequisite to me sharing her in ceremony and now in my shop as Cacao is a spirit unto herself, an intelligence to be respected and revered. 

The Peruvian Cacao is provided by a beautiful man - who I know personally - out of Pisac, a funky little spiritual town in the Cusco Valley where Machu Pichu lies.


I also stock and sell a very special Guatemalan blend of Cacao. There are many Cacao producers out of Guatemala and this one is by far a step above because it is grown and nurtured by Ruku'x'Ulew women, an indigenous community and descendants of the Mayan people. The Maya are said to be the first to discover Cacao's magical properties and if you visit Lake Atitlan in Guatemala you can see the women at work toasting, peeling and grinding away to make your Cacao paste. 

The Peruvian and Guatemalan blends are very different so read more about them in their descriptions below.


Enjoy your shopping and please email with any queries!

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