How To Unblock Your Throat Chakra (Vissudhi Chakra)

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

This post is inspired by the handful of people who have contacted me recently asking how to unblock their throat chakras.

When our throat chakra is blocked it is our hard to be authentic, which is disempowering. Speaking from a place of authenticity is gaining popularity, with the resurgence of feminism and the hashtag metoo movement a lot of us are reminded that we often don't know how to say what we want. This does not only happen when we have suffered some injustice or mistreatment but sometimes we find it hard to speak our truth on what should be simple matters, such as how someone's actions or inactions make us feel and this is especially true in our interpersonal relationships.

Expressing our true thoughts and feelings should be easy...they are ours after all!

What Does Authenticity Mean?

Merriam Webster defines it as: "true to one's own personality, spirit, or character". Because I believe we are unconditional love at our core, that we all have a Buddha nature within us, authenticity to me includes empathy, integrity and compassion and when we are "being" authentic we speak with clarity and from a place of empowerment.

So Why Do Our Throat Chakras Get Blocked?

Most of us didn't learn know how to communicate our feelings/needs effectively...our parents, teachers and elders were likely poor at communicating with authenticity because their parents, teachers and elders were, and so on. Contradictory, manipulative, untrue, passive aggressive communication runs rampant in families and we learn this. Adults saying things are "fine" when our intuition tells us they are not is just one example. Giving us stories rather than the truth in an effort to protect us from feeling hurt is another. Not saying something that should be said. These are just a few examples of how we learn to communicate inauthentically or accept others inauthentic communication which in turn can cause us to respond in an inauthentic manner.

A throat chakra can also become blocked by:

  • not listening enough, listening is just as important for a balanced throat chakra as is speaking our truth.

  • taking too much,

  • lying/manipulating

  • being arrogant

  • holding back tears when we get that lump in our throat

  • suppressing sadness, anger, confusion

  • physical injury, surgery which causes flow of energy to become blocked

Women have the added bonus hurdle of overcoming the ancestral wound of our voices being suppressed for hundreds of years and men the added bonus hurdle to get over of not being allowed to have emotions at all, let alone share them.

How Do Chakras Get Blocked?

Trapped energy. Our bodies are made of energy centres and energy channels in addition to our skin, muscle, bones, organs and tissues, etc. We are not just tangible matter. In order to stay healthy and balanced we need our energy to be flowing. When an event or a series of events takes place that causes a disruption in the flow of energy, ailments or imbalances arise. One way to reverse these ailments/restore balance is by focusing on a chakra. Not being able to speak your authentic truth is an imbalance because what is coming out of your mouth does not match what is inside.

7 Ways To Unblock Your Throat Chakra?

1. MEDITATE ON THE COLOUR BLUE - at your throat centre. Imagine a spinning circle of blue. as you inhale visualise the circle spinning faster and faster and as you exhale visualise it slowing down, like you are exercising it , do this for 5 to 10 minutes, at least three times per week.

2. SING - you may not think you have a good voice but you know it feels good to belt out your favourite song. Do not try to sound perfect that is not the point. Exercising your throat and moving the energy there is the point. Put on your favourite tunes and let loose, if you need to drown yourself out at first because you are shy do! I began with Florence and the Machine, Adele and Fleetwood Mac:)

3. RECITE MANTRAS - the repetitive sound makes a vibration in your body that is deeply healing and clears the entire chakra channel including your throat chakra. This is why Buddhist monks recite mantras for days. When in retreat they recite their mantra 100,000 times! An easy one to start with is my favourite Tibetan mantra is a purification mantra and I recite it at least 30 times per day and if I am practising then I recite it 108 or 216 times:

"Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum"

4. SEND HEALING VIBES - to your throat chakra throughout the day while focusing on the colour blue, especially just before you need to speak up or find yourself about to stay silent when you know you need to speak up. I know this sounds too easy but you've heard the quote by James Redfield, author of the Celestine Prophecy:

"Where attention goes, energy flows, where intention goes, energy flows."

4. WEAR BLUE - stone jewelry such as, Angelite, Sodalite, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise and Azurite (source: are all good stones for balancing your throat chakra. So get a necklace with one of these stones or one to carry in your bag and meditate with it in your hand or at your altar space.

5. JOURNAL - write down how you really feel, what you really think and say it aloud to yourself. Then re-write it from a place of authenticity (see definition above) and re-read it aloud.

6. SPEAK WITH AWARENESS - start being aware of your speech. Is my message true? Is it helpful? Is it fair?

Speak when you normally wouldn't no matter how afraid you are, do it as an experiment if that helps just to see how it feels. I know it can be scary to start using your authentic voice but you won't die, you may reap consequences but I promise you the freedom that comes with speaking your truth is worth it. Speak kindly when normally you wouldn't. And maybe being authentic is not speaking at all. Awareness is the first step, now getting practising unblocking that throat chakra:)

7. PRACTISE, PRACTISE, PRACTISE!!! - Like any new endeavor, practise is key.

And feel free to email me if you have any follow up questions or would like further resources.

With love and light,


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