How To Listen To Your Body, Not Your Head - Especially When you're On The Road

Often a struggle ensues between our head and our body when trying to make a decision, so how do we know which one to follow?

I'm talking about when we are faced with a decision and part of us thinks we should do it but the other part of us is resistant, we can't say "yes" for sure and we don't know why.

Sometimes we say, "I am in two minds about it." We are never in two minds, we only have one mind, albeit with many (often self sabotaging!) viewpoints.

Usually what "being in two minds" means is your body is telling you something different than your head, but you are not listening to it!! We are so used to following our rational, logical, intellectual, productivity and results driven minds that we completely abandon the messages our body is trying to give us.

For example, a few days ago, here in Pokhara, my friend's Nepali trekking guide invited me to his family home for dinner and then to go out to some live music at a local club where no tourists would ever know to go. When travelling, I'm all about getting away from the tourist traps and getting down with the local vibes so I was super stoked to have been invited.

Only thing was I was exhausted from not sleeping much after a late night ceremony the day before and had little desire to socialise so I thought I better go back to my hut and rest so I had the stamina and chats come dinner time.

Dinner time approached and still I didn't feel chatty or social, I just wanted to stay in my jungle house.

The struggle went something like this:

My head said:

"What do you mean you don't wanna go? This is an amazing opportunity to experience Nepali life like a local and what an honour to be invited to begin with! You just wanna stay here alone?"

"Don't go, surely you'll get another opportunity, and if you don't it wasn't meant to be."

"But it's not a far walk and if you cancel, your host may be offended. Plus he is a guide and has good info on the trek you want to do, you can't miss this opportunity. YOu may not get another opportunity like this!"

I was tortured, what to do? As a recovering FOMO ("fear of missing out") addict, this decision was made harder. Even though I knew I needed to tune into my body, I was resisting. I convinced my mind to just let my tune into my body, just to see.

So I laid down in bed hearing the soft sounds of nature outside, put one hand on my heart and the other on my belly and I asked my body, "Do you wanna go to this dinner tonight?"

My body, without hesitation said:


So after calling Ram, the trekking guide to cancel, I headed to a local restaurant where I knew they'd have delicious Dal Bhat on the cheap. Sitting in silence on my own watching 2 little birds play in the rafters, the restaurant owner's 8 year old daughter came to sit with me and snuggle into me while I ate my dinner. Then her mom came over and hand fed her at my table. We three smiled and gestured and laughed together and I played them a YouTube video on my phone about an American family that traveled Bhutan. They were sitting so close they were nearly in my lap.

I got the the local family dinner experience after all and went home to sleep for 15 body was right, I needed rest, not live music. I went on to do a massive 2.5 hour hike the next day which ended with me in a cuddle puddle of 6 puppies on a mountain top...that would not have happened without the 15 hours of sleep;)

When was the last time you had a struggle between your head and your body?

With love and light,


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