Missoula, Montana is Spiritual AF!

Just back in Vegas after spending 72 hours in Missoula, Montana and my spirit is on fire!!!! In the most peaceful way:)

Firstly, Missoula is located on super spiritual Native American soil...secondly, the nature is fantasy - like...crystal clear waters, razor sharp mountain tops, wild animals abound and huckleberries galore...and thirdly, the Garden of 1,000 Buddhas - a trifecta of healing juju...a healing hat trick, if you will;)

These are the things I did, and you should do too, when in Missoula:

Native American Sweat Lodge (if the opportunity presents itself):

See separate post on the benefits of sweat lodging.

Sweat Lodges are not easy to come by because they are not commercial, you have to be invited. I’ve always wanted to experience a sweat lodge and knew an invitation would arrive at just the right time, and 2 weeks prior to heading to Peru this invitation just landed in my lap...exactly how life happens when you are operating in alignment;). In the dark of the dome shaped hut, in the nude with 8 other women, surrounding a pile of piping hot rocks alongside the rushing river, sweating and singing, sharing and healing...only breaking to dip in the freezing cold water...I am still processing the power of this experience and can't wait to do it again.

Garden of 1,000 Buddhas:

As soon as you arrive here you feel the calm. Walking among the buddhas you are transported away from the peaceful mountains of Montana for the ever peaceful mountains of Tibet. On a hilltop not far from the garden there is a tent of prayer flags - see picture above -you can climb into. Sitting there, eyes closed, listening to the flags whipping in the wind, sun on your face, seat grounded to the Earth, you feel so calm and connected to everything...you never want to leave.

Hot Springs and Hikes:

We hiked the Blue Mountains leaving tank top weather in the valley and reaching snow at the top for a 360 degree gander at the valley and a search for all those mushies on the mountain floor this time of year. In summer its huckleberries instead, there is huckleberry paraphernalia everywhere...kinda like sheep paraphernalia in Ireland:)

Among the many hot springs around Missoula we chose Quinn’s. Tucked away deep down in a gorge it was perfectly rustic yet fancy - with four pools at varying temperatures, you pick! And beautiful log cabins attached where you could stay over… we didn’t, but we did get to eat our veggie burger and drink our vanilla porter in the bar in our bath robes watching the Grizzlies football game like we were in our own kitchen:)

Eat Local Food, Drink Local Drinks:

Missoula's food culture is so amazing - fresh, locally grown and handmade yummies in all the restaurants and especially at the super cute downtown farmer’s market. Despite Montana being known for a meat heavy diet, there were lots of locally made vegan options available...and oh yeah lots of breweries and distilleries to tickle your tastebuds fancy.

The Women’s Club:

Finally, for the women you have to visit The Women’s Club. Painted light purple on the outside (the colour of our crown chakra) with a classy 80s-ish logo, you step into an absolute sanctuary, they have all the fancy spa day essentials at a not too fancy price.

Rockin’ Rudy’s:

And finally, finally, for all genders you have to visit Rockin’ Rudy’s local gift shop, it's iconic Missoula. Like I am not just saying this, this is the gift shop of aaaaalll gift shops - they have everything you want and everything you didn’t know you wanted - it is so fun and an absolute must.

If you are looking for a weekend getaway and want to feel connected and nourished go to Missoula, I can't say enough good about it!

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