My Morning Routine For Spiritual Wellness - Takes Less Than 10 Minutes

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

I like to nourish my soul every morning, it's just as important to our well being as nourishing our bodies and minds. My routine changes and evolves over time depending on what is going on in my life and sometimes I fall off the wagon but not for more than a couple days because I defo notice the effects.

I was resistant to starting a morning routine at first, it seemed like a lot of work to have to develop a new habit as I was already so busy with work and life, also it meant an opportunity to fail if I wasn't able to stick to it - and I did not like setting myself up for possible failure!

So, I developed it slowly over time, not calling it a morning routine rather an "experiment" that I dabbled with sporadically, when it felt good, not like a chore that had to be done. If it feels like a chore, I won't do it.

Now my morning routine is automatic, I don't have to remind myself to do it, it just happens, part of my "being" rather than something I "have to do".

So Why Have a Morning Routine Anyway?

Because it helps us create positive energy and a positive mindset for the day. We are less distracted when we first wake up (less hustle and bustle going on) so it's a good time to make sure we fit this wellness activity into our busy day. A morning routine becomes a habit and habits set us up for wellness success as they contribute to clarity, focus and feeling grounded.

My Morning Routine (in this order) Minus the Meditation Takes About 7 Minutes in Total:


As soon as I am awake, before I get out of bed, sometimes before I even open my eyes, I express gratitude for something in my life. When I started I focused on 3 things that always became at least 5 - "thank you for my family and friends, my healthy mind and body, access to nutritious food and medical care and for having a job"..t the time I was struggling with my reproductive health. Now it's often simply, "thank you Mother Earth for giving us a home and providing all your beautiful gifts to us."


Again, often before I even open my eyes I state to myself, something along the lines of, "I am going to meet the day with patience and positivity, the power to have a great day lies in me." At first it was, "I will listen to my body and slow down as many times today as I need to for my mental and spiritual health. I will not feel inferior if I have to state this need to a friend or colleague." What bothers you about your days usually? Make the opposite of that your intention for the day.


Warm lemon water fires up your digestive juices for the day, not boiling but warm water. I'm not doing this now as I' travelling and don't always have access to lemons or warm water but totally suggest this as a starting point for a morning routine.

3. MEDITATION (sometimes)

I slowly incorporated 5 20 minutes of meditation into my morning (after having warm lemon water), it was a game changer. Use the free app, Insight Timer, to time yourself and add relaxing music to your meditation. Honestly, I rarely meditate first thing in the morning anymore rather I find little pockets in the day to do so, especially when I am in or passing by beautiful nature. And here in Nepal it is easy because there are shrines and temples everywhere reminding you of the sacred.


Literally less than a minute is all you need, sometimes I forget and I will do this throughout the day whenever I remember. This is more about mindfulness and awareness to me. Take a few seconds to check in with the breath, do a few neck rolls, arm circles, hip circles, leg kicks, whatever... just to feel your body and let it know you are looking after it, you will not forget today that it is your temple.


To attract what I want in my life. Last year was when I was changing career it was a variation of "I am happy, calm and relaxed, I have job that I love and money flows freely to me." The year before when I was healing it was, "I am happy, calm and relaxed, my mind is healthy, my body is healthy." This year it is along the lines of, "I am in a supportive relationship with my best friend and am a loving and balanced mother."


Everyday I take Aswghanda and a raw, wholefood, prenatal vitamin (they'e basically multi vitamins with extra good stuff for our reproductive organs and all women over 30 and especially over 35 should be taking them regardless of whether they want to bare children - our uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and cervix are not just for making babies, they are connected to everything physical, energetic and spiritual that happens with us).

And sometimes I sniff essential oils and rub them on my pressure points to start the day feeling loved and invigorated (I've replaced perfume with essential oils (I used to love my Stella McCartney Edit and J'adore by Dior) because perfumes have high alcohol content which is not good for us).

3 Tips For You to Develop Your Morning Routine:


for your morning routine to look perfect and last forever. Treat is as an experiment, maybe try it for 5 days just to see how it feels, that way if it doesn't feel right after you've given it a shot you can't beat yourself up for it not working out.

2. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A MORNING ROUTINE, START BY ADDING ONLY ONE THING such as, gratitude or 5 minutes of meditation/breathing with awareness or warm lemon water first thing (as it is a "doing" exercise rather than a "being" exercise). Once it becomes second nature, it'll be easier to add something else.


create a weekly checklist calendar for yourself to ensure you do your morning routine everyday - but only if you are someone who needs lists or calendars to get started with something new! The goal is for your morning routine to become automatic, a way of "being" rather than something you "have to do" so after awhile you can lose the calendar/checklist.

Ultimately you have to find what works for you, my routine is not a one size fits all but it gives you some ideas for where to start. And I tried many variations of rituals over time, these are what stuck and I'm sure may :)

Let me know if you implement any of the above and how it goes for you!! DM me on email, insta or FB:)

With love and light,