Many of you have asked how I got started on my journey of awakening to my soul's purpose/personal transformation so I put together a little list of resources that got me started, hope you find it helpful. This was also a good mindfulness exercise as it allowed me to be grateful for all that I have accomplished in the last couple years and sit with that. Do this exercise, give yourself thanks for all you do!




Insight Timer (click hyperlink)- This app solidified my at home meditation practise, I still use it from time to time. It is free and allows you to time yourself at intervals, with or without music and it has a decent selection of music to choose from as well as many other options but I only use the timer.

Headspace - The free 10 day meditation course is all I used over and over and over as it downloads to your phone/tablet. Headspace began my consistent at home meditation practise. I no longer use it but recommend it to anyone (it seems to appeal to men especially) eager to start their own meditation practise.


The Shaman's Journey - This course opened me to the healing powers of mother nature and how to work with her to manifest my desires, heal myself, others and the World... my life will never be the same now that I have uncovered this wisdom in myself. And we all have it, it just has to be unearthed (he he he, see that pun!?).


Ligmincha International, Preserving Bon (Tibetan) Buddhism  - tune into the many courses and talks online (Facebook) and in person in various parts in the World.If you visit the website you will find courses near you. Buddhist principles became a part of my daily life years ago.

Humanistic Psychotherapy  - I put therapy here because in my opinion it is a brilliant way to get to know yourself thus aligning with your soul’s purpose. I never envisioned hiring a therapist but when I found myself having entered a space of deep emotional pain, and once I had about 5 or 6 sessions I could not believe I had waited so looooooooooong! The greatest misconception of being a human is that we believe we can understand ourselves without putting in any effort to do so. We are not taught self inquiry or that we even have an internal environment to look after (unless you grow up with eastern philosophies such as buddhism, yoga or taoism, meditating or your parents themselves are therapists.) Psychotherapy helped me in ways that my, at the time, limited meditation practise could not and I suggest to anyone interested to find a psychotherapist working in the humanistic side as their focus is on the body and its physiological responses to thoughts and emotions. They do not fit you to a model or tell you how you are, instead they facilitate you in discovering for yourself who and how you are. Not all therapists are the same, you need to find someone who you vibe with.


Reiki Practitioner's Course - When a few of my loved ones were going through emotionally trying times, I became interested in how I could help them heal themselves and a Reiki course just jumped into my lap. I already knew that we could heal the emotional body through energy work but had no experience. For the first time, I experienced first hand how the power of thought and intention can change our body’s response to stress and emotional discomfort. There are courses all over the globe, again I would find a teacher who you vibe with.


B School - An inspirational 8 week online course in starting your own SOULFUL business. I need to retake the course as my work schedule was too hectic last year but the few modules I did were very helpful in aligning me in how I want to be of service to the World.  

Landmark Forum and Advanced Course - Attended by people of literally every single demographic and walk of life, these courses are seriously transformational and produce different results for everyone. For me the two big takeaways were: (i) I had a blind spot in that I was being inauthentic - even though I thought I was sooooo authentic and was teaching my yoga students how to be authentic, I wasn’t being -  because I was afraid to be vulnerable and (ii) seeing that every single human is truly the same, we have the same fears, loves, wants and desires out of life, not one of us is more significant than the other and if we can drop our stories about who we are and how we see everything we can truly connect with any individual on the planet. I knew this but had not experienced it, now I embody it. These courses solidified that I was in the wrong profession. Everyone can get great benefit out of the Landmark forum.


Inner Bonding, Becoming a Loving Parent to Your Inner Child - Dr Margaret Paul - what it says on the tin! Has real life case studies that are amazing examples to really understand how our inner children are at play at every turn of our romantic relationships.

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom -  Dr Christiane Northrup - she outlines how our unsupportive external environments contribute to decline in our health, especially our reproductive health. With relatable case studies and diagrams that are super interesting, this book caused me to truly look at my body as a temple and make big changes in my lifestyle. We are all gods and goddesses and our bodies are our temples.

You Can Heal Your Life - Louise L Hay - This woman is a legend. This book goes through nearly every physical ailment and how to heal it through positive thought and intention, applies to all genders.

The Places That Scare You - Pema Chodron - this book follows When Things Fall Apart and saved my heart when it was breaking. I recommend Pema to anyone going through a tough time.

Comfortable With Uncertainty - Pema Chodron - I use this as a reference book, I pick it up whenever the mood strikes, it has lots of excerpts from the 2 books named above.

Moonology, Working with the Magic of the Lunar Cycles -  Yasmin Boland - Once I started seeing that working with the moon to let go and manifest my future actually worked I had to know more...this book is very practical and the lessons easy to incorporate into your life.

Attached - Amir Levine, Rachel Heller - this book is about our attachment style (our blueprint for relationships developed from infancy) and gave me an awareness of how I am in love and interpersonal relationships and the dynamics at play between myself and others.

Daring Greatly - Brene Brown - I put this book down after chapter 1 and did not pick it back up for another 6 months because the wisdom Brene shares at the outset confronted me big time. Every person in the World needs to read this book.


**There are definitely others but these will get you started.



These two talks changed me and my career focus - WATCH THEM if you have not already!:

Brene Brown - Listening to Shame  

Brene Brown - The Power of Vulnerability  

INSIGHTFUL PEOPLE to Follow on Instagram and/or YouTube:

Dr Wayne Dyer


Abraham Hicks

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Yogi Bhajan

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Gabrielle Bernstein



Side Hustle School - Chris Guillebeau - these very short, 5-15 minute podcasts introduce Joe Blows and Plain Janes who have started side businesses doing what they inspired me to think of ways I could apply my skills and talents to work for myself.



The Healthy Crush - Jenny Sansouci - her blog inspired me to start my own blog. Jenny is inspirational as she just went out on a limb to do what she loves and made it work. Her blog is pretty good too;)