On Healing Therapies:

"Mandalei is my guru. I didn’t know that when I met her I was in for a spiritual awakening. She introduced me to a world of spirituality and healing...to a world of inner journey and self love that was so needed in my life at the time.  She guided me in learning how to heal myself at home through meditation and hands on heart. She inspires me everyday and helps me through the hard times. I could not be more grateful for her wisdom and healing gifts."


- Magda V., Dublin

"I suffered a deep traumatic loss a few months before starting Reiki and shamanic healing with Mandalei. I had put my house up for sale because I wasn't happy in it anymore and thought I needed  a change to fix my life. After my first session with Mandalei I built a an altar in my room at her suggestion and added healing crystals and plants to my house as per her suggestions. After our second session I decided to keep my house and redecorate it and I couldn't be happier with it. She taught me tools for how to heal myself and I wish she was still in Las Vegas because I miss her, she is amazing."


- Michelle Lily, Las Vegas, NV

"I had the pleasure of receiving a private sound healing session from Mandalei in Nepal and attended one of her Yoga Nidra sessions.  Both were deeply relaxing and enjoyable. Mandalei is very a intuitive, warm and generous healer. Happy to recommend!"


- Brant F., Australia

"My path has crossed with Mandalei many times over the past 5 years, each of my experiences with her are so positive and grounding, and I'm always left with a very reassuring sense of peace and balance.  From Mandalei's highly skilled yoga teaching to the deeply therapeutic ceremony space she holds, I find Mandalei a trusted guide with a genuine knowledge of the sacred. Mandalei, always shows great respect to those that put their trust in her, on very personal journeys and her openness is incredibly reassuring. Her willingness to share her own vulnerabilities, gives space for all to connect and trust her endeavours, and the continuous personal journey Mandalei explores for herself encourages a community vibe when with her. Mandalei, is a genuine warm welcoming spirit and is clearly on a path she is chosen for. I personally, find a deep sense of safety in her company, which has allowed me to expand my willingness to go deeper on my healing journey, in a very safe pair of hands.

Mandalei is in my life at a time when I am experiencing a lot of change and need a guiding light, that is no coincidence. She's a blessing."


- Lisa D., Dublin

On Cacao Ceremonies: 

"My Cacao journey with Mandalei was far more than I expected. In our journey I saw myself as a child and then a message came to me as I was there with my child self. I have never experienced anything like that before, not even in therapy. I felt really open to love after and have since. Our ceremony was 3 days ago. I’m very grateful for the experience and would like to sing it from the rooftops that Cacao is so wise and Mandalei is an AMAZING facilitator and I will be doing a cacao ceremony with Mandalei again."


- Sinead O'Hara, Dublin

"Mandalei holds a very healing space. I have been to many different cacao ceremonies and hers are special, she adds hands on touch and her touch is so soothing and healing and calming, her drumming is cool too, I definitely recommend her ceremonies."


- Lauren H., Dublin

"After ceremony with Mandalei I realised I had been holding onto alot of fear. I remembered her words during ceremony, in meditation about self love and supporting ourselves and tuning into mother nature's support and I feel so much more positive about the future now."


- Alana D., Dublin

"The night and day after my cacao ceremony with Mandalei I felt so open and full of innocent vulnerable love for my partner, just open is the best way I can describe it. My connection to my partner felt deep and sensual and we both definitely felt that the Cacao had an effect at bringing us closer and heightening our senses for each other. I recommend cacao ceremonies with Mandalei she is a brilliant holder of space." 


- Katie S., Dublin

"I have been to 3 of Mandalei's cacao ceremonies and each experience was fantastic.  If I only knew before what a wonderful journey Cacao leads to, I would have done it earlier...through opening of my heart chakra it enabled me to hear my true self and open the creative channels that were blocked for awhile...it rebalances my energies and allows to retreat inwards. It’s a beautiful time to give myself mental and physical space."


- Magdalena, Dublin

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