Womb awakening retreat

possibly September 2020


Wicklow Mountains, Ireland

Investment for full weekend:

early bird 333 euros (until 1 Aug) and 355 thereafter.

SPACE IS LIMITED! - RSVP to Mandalei.Medicine@gmail.com



Come join us for a soul nourishing weekend of CONNECTION. On this EMPOWERING and TRANSFORMATIONAL journey we will reawaken the WISDOM of our womb space through a variety of ceremonies, workshops and healing experiences. You will be guided through a sacred cacao ceremony, fire circle, ritualistic flower baths, sharing, creative crafting, sound healing, self energy work, connecting with nature and most uniquely receiving the RITE OF THE WOMB - the 13th Rite of the Munay Ki (rites that heal your luminous energy field which have been passed down from high shamans of the Americas and the Andes).

***note***post-menopasual and women with full or partial hysterectomies have a womb space and are welcome and encouraged to join!

We will be lovingly supported by the land at Avondale Retreat in Wicklow, Ireland...surrounded by the Balgannon Forest with Lake Avonmore nearby, we'll be enveloped by mother nature and all her gifts. (Check it out at www.avondaleretreat.com)

In this safe and sacred space you will be free to EXPRESS yourself and BE yourself without labels or judgment. Held with COMPASSION and KINDNESS, together we'll discover the magic that happens when we purify and connect to our womb space....you'll be reminded of SISTERHOOD and the WILD WOMAN within each of us.

Our womb space is the source of our INTUITION, POWER, EXPRESSION and CREATIVITY. It is from our womb space that we birth all our ideas and new relationships, most importantly our relationship to Self. Whether you are seeking a weekend of deep SELF LOVE or to RELEASE blocks that may be preventing you from RISING UP, you will create space for what needs to flow in for you to begin manifesting your heart's desires.

Our menu is being thoughtfully created with womb-en's wellness at its core. In addition to being deeply nourishing for womb health and hormonal balance, it will be organic, seasonal and locally sourced (where possible). Vegan and gluten free where available. There will also be plenty of womb healthy teas on hand, including raspberry leaf, nettle and mugwort.  

We cannot wait to spend this beautiful time with you.


Arrival: 6 pm Friday, 20 March

Departure: by afternoon on Sunday, 22 March


SPACE IS LIMITED because we want to keep this experience intimate so please:

1. RSVP: by clicking this link to my email - Mandalei.Medicine@gmail.com


  • Investment - early bird exchange 333 euros until 1 Feb and 355 euros thereafter

  • Non-refundable deposit of €100, I'll email you bank details

  • Balance due by - 1 March

  • Concessions may be available if you are feeling strongly called to this work so please inquire with me directly

  • And payment plans also available so don't be stuck!



I gave up my job as a high paid international lawyer to serve people in connecting to their inner world to find peace, happiness and healing. I do one on one energy medicine treatments and privately coach individuals in mindfulness, spirituality and self love. I teach yoga and meditation and my favourite part of my work is holding sacred cacao ceremonies in which I facilitate people in deep inward journeys to the heart and womb space (men, post-menopausal women and women with hysterectomies all have a womb space). I began learning about the power of womb healing after being diagnosed with dangerous uterine fybroids in 2015, being recommended a hysterectomy and told I may never have children. This news turned my life upside down because it meant my fertility and thus the future I had painted for myself was decidedly uncertain. I completely lost myself and then I found my womb.

I didn't know it had a name, I just knew I needed to heal so I got intimate with my chakras, trained in Reiki, started meditating daily, found sound healing, NLP, traditional Chinese medicine and psychotherapy...I got lost naked in nature, enrolled in shamanic courses, read countless books and spent 7 months between Peru and Nepal working with jungle shamans, medicine women and Tibetan monks. What I found for us women is that all our pain, all the subconscious stuff holding us back from rising up and manifesting our dreams can be traced back to our womb space and WE ourselves can heal this. While in Peru, I also received the "Rite of the Womb - the 13th Rite of the Munay Ki" which I have been give permission to pass on and which you have the option of receiving in your retreat.

I'm a different person than when I began this journey. I'm the woman I always knew I was but didn't know how to be and am living life in a way that I never thought possible for myself. I was working in a dominant and unfulfilling environment, aside from dollar signs my future looked empty and now I'm happy and I'm free and I've dedicated my life to serving others in finding their freedom, happiness and futures of possibility. For us women it starts with healing our womb.

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